Friday, 29 August 2014

Finished messenger bag using free pattern from "Sew Sweetness"

Just for fun I tried this brilliant free bag pattern. Here is my version, with flamingo canvas, fuschia linen accents and silver hardware:

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A finished cushion

Wave Print Cushion, Printed Cottons on Linen with Matching Piping

I should be taking some proper photos and getting it up in the shop shortly.
One thing I'm concerned about is that in a moment of insane rashness (wild existence, me) I left the appliqued wave edges raw. I liked the look with the natural linen. But this is a cushion!!

What do you think I should do? I really think I should have finished them with a nice satin stitch, hmm.

Nevertheless it's turned out lovely and after satin stitching the other wave cushion panel, I'll get that one made up too.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Hi again

Long time no speak...

I'm back creating some new things for my shop. Plus I've added a few pictures to give you an idea of something else I'm working on at the moment (thank you so much Sara of Sew Sweetness for this pattern!)

I'm having some trouble with the picture alignment for some reason but hope these catch your interest...


And here's a close up of a couple of things I've designed that are in the making and will be for sale soon:

Thank you so much to everyone who's purchased handmade from my Etsy shop- I hope everyone is happy with their items.

I'd like to be adding a few new products and a bit more variety as soon as possible. I'm going to have to fiddle about with my existing lightbox and some new lights (& maybe make a bigger lightbox).

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Just posting my most recent Etsy listings for you to have a look at:

 Cosmetic Bag in Navy Architecture Print

Cosmetic Bag with School of Fish Architecture Print

Cosmetic Bag With Butterfly Print

Cosmetic Bag in Speech Bubble Print

It's off topic, but I wanted to tell anyone interested about Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science", I'm late to discover his books but vaguely remember his name mentioned about 3 years ago as the most prolific critic of "Dr" Gillian Mc Keith..

I was never that good at science but I have a big interest in psychology and current medical understanding and treatments. This book is easy to race through and does a great job of explaining how clinical trials should be conducted and presented (but how they regularly aren't), talks in depth about the power of placebo, how to theoretically conduct your own experiments, whilst accurately dissecting the lies and misleading claims made by cosmetic manufacturers, nutritionists, alternative therapists etc. I haven't finished it yet (only on about page 90) but I'm so glad I picked it up.

By the way, there is actually a small vein of truth in those "anti ageing" skin cream claims (this industry is actually VERY slightly less manipulative and misleading than I thought, though not much!) In the 90's apparently they did contain ingredients at a level where they would make the skin appear more youthful, but on account of those same ingredients also burning your face... they had to reduce the amount to the point where they were non-effective. Skin Creams don't have to list the ingredient amounts though so customers are often none the wiser.

The placebo chapter of this book has definitely got me wondering too... might talk about this all more when I've actually finished the book!


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New listings and short update

Hi all

It's been a long time since my last post. There are several new items in my Etsy shop including (yes, another) cosmetic bag pictured here:


I've paired a great "Cloud 9" fabric with ecru coloured Linen. Have a look at all the new stuff listed here:

I have a few more in the pipeline; look at these great fabrics!

I've been making some pebble blocks for what will be a textile quilt for my last assessment of my Textiles distance learning course. (I still needed to trim some of them down when I took this picture.)
 I'm so happy with the muted but still striking colour palette and range of shapes. The grey fabric has a very subtle printed texture on it (though imposible to see here). I've got a bit of linen in there too. I've probably show a picture of my final design so you can see how it'll hopefully turn out.

I was hoping to get some modern patchwork totes in the shop... I've been playing with very simple improvised piecing. Unfortunately, although I like the colours and prints, the composition just doesn't grab me. And yes there are some slightly wonky seams in there.

I've seen some online tutorials for different improvised piecing techniques so I think maybe I need to give that a go.

What do you think could improve this?

I saw a great documentary on silent horror films the other day... it was worth it alone for all the film clips highlighting the incredible cinematography, (including Faust and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari)  but it also had a great insight into the recurring symbolism and themes in early (and current horror films). It was definitely worth watching and lots of those early horror films are just breathtakingly beautiful...

Anyway- that's it for now.



Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bits and pieces...

Hello! Here's a few more works in progress...

Stitching up a great Sublime Stitching pattern designed by Tara McPherson that will be combined with a graphic print or two to become a make up bag.

Another picture of embroidery in progress. My unicorn seahorse looks world weary/stoned/both, but I can safely say that this doesn't look out of place in the general weirdness!

close up

This is going to be, yes... another cosmetic bag. I'd cut pieces of ticking fabric on the bias to create the chevron, which I think works nicely with the quaint shop theme! Lovely cakes anyone?

cosmetic bag bottom panels and linen that I'll pair with them

 For now, please have a look at what I currently have to offer...

And before I go, have a bit of Nervous Norvous! I hadn't heard of his brilliant novelty rock n roll songs until now. I especially love Dig and Transfusion.